How is it sounds like?

Yes – with a standard Android TTS it is not very impressing, but You will be very surprised using ReadBoox with IVONA. Listen to these samples.

How to configure Text to Speech in Android?

Note: on the first run of speech synthesis program may ask you to install the required elements of the mechanism

How to use my ebook with ReadBoox?

You need  to copy your file to phone or SD card. ReadBoox searches for books in /sdcard/books folder by default, but you can also put your files in any other folder. ReadBoox supports an Epub files and UTF-8 files with “.txt” extensions. To  convert from other text formats you can use any software – for example Notepad++ text editor (use option: Format/Covnert to UTF-8).

How to show my book cover?

You need to copy your covers file with the same name as the book file (with the appropriate file extension). For example, for file “The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes.txt” prepare “The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes.png” and place both in the same directory. The program shows  .jpg, .jpeg and .png covers.

Can I use ReadBoox to read web pages?

Yes – see examples below.

Can I use ReadBoox to read my files on phone?

ReadBoox can be the default program for reading files. Open any file explorer, select the appropriate file. In the dialog window select ReadBoox to view the file. If you select “Use by default for this action” – ReadBoox will be used to open files by default.

Why ReadBoox shows advertisements?

Due to Android Market limitations we don’t offer an add-free paid version of ReadBoox. Ads supports application development.

Is ReadBoox safe for my privacy?

We make a lot of efforts to ensure that the program meets your expectations. For this purpose ReadBoox can send informations about it’s usage to external sites (eg Google Analytics). This information will be helpful in our development, and used only for this.

There is no my question in the FAQ

If you have any other questions, problems, and especially praises – please contact us.